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123movies4u Jojo Rabbit

A World War II satire that follows a lonely German boy named Jojo (Roman Griffin Davis) whose world view is turned upside down when he discovers his single mother (Scarlett Johansson) is hiding a young Jewish girl (Thomasin McKenzie) in their attic. Aided only by his idiotic imaginary friend, Adolf Hitler (Taika Waititi), Jojo must confront his blind nationalism. Watch Jojo Rabbit on 123movies4u in HD Quality Stream.

123movies4u The Lighthouse

The hypnotic and hallucinatory tale of two lighthouse keepers on a remote and mysterious New England island in the 1890s. Watch The Lighthouse on 123movies4u in HD Quality Stream.

123movies4u Maleficent: Mistress of Evil

Maleficent and her goddaughter Aurora begin to question the complex family ties that bind them as they are pulled in different directions by impending nuptials, unexpected allies, and dark new forces at play. Watch Maleficent: Mistress of Evil on 123movies4u in HD Quality Stream.

123movies4u The Angry Birds Movie 2

Sequels to animated films are seldom as good as the first movie. Many times the story was not needed, or the masterpiece is diluted for a gimmick that just doesn't work. Fortunately, there are some that have paved the way for the potential to add to the story, continuing the world we love, but at the same time making a movie stand on its own. Tonight, Sony Pictures continues to try the luck with their surprise success of Angry Birds and see if they can get another round of bills to line the pockets. And for reviewers like me, we are back in the trenches to see how it fairs and do our best to highlight the observations. So let's get in there and review once more as I take o:

Movie: Angry Birds Movie 2 (2019)

Director: Thurop Van Orman Writers: Peter Ackerman (screenplay by), Eyal Podell Stars: Jason Sudeikis, Josh Gad, Leslie Jones

LIKES: Voice Acting Fun Funny Stories Intertwining Good Morals Cute Good Use of Characters Quick

DISLIKES: Predictable A Little too political at times Not Quite As Unique A Little Too simplified Trailers Ruined Much


Like the first film, the movie's cast really shines taking the pun filled writing, simplistic dialogue, and joke filled lines and making it work. Sudeikis as Red is still the sarcastic champion we loved, Josh Gad comes back in all his adorable energy and opera like singing, and Danny McBride is still the same loud, gruff voice that often fools people into thinking he is Seth Rogen. But the new gang to join adds their own spice to the feathery/leathery cast. Jones has got her usual energetic motions, Sterling K brown is posh and yet funny, and Awkwafina is the same carefree slacker that somehow works in a variety of settings. It's an awesome blend of talent that manages to add some dynamic flow to bring the characters to life. Past the acting, the story is along the same lines as the last one, a very fun, straightforward adventures with a few good moral lessons baked in to give it another layer. Taking two stories to try the break up the linearity, the movie should move enough to keep everyone's attentions, all while jamming in enough fun and laughter to have you rolling in the seats. Yes, like the first installment the film is all about captivating on the cuteness and jokes to get its gimmicks out and enjoyment. Yet, the smartest component for me, is that the movie manages to utilize most of its characters very well. Red and the squad still get adequate screen time despite how many characters they introduced. And the new characters still get used well, allowing for maximum merchandising.

In regards to some areas of improvements for me, well it starts with the predictability of the film. The movie suffers from the simplicity they strived for, not doing well with pushing the boundaries of unique or creativity. Sure, the app to movie transition gets propped, but unlike the Disney and DreamWorks group, they have not quite adapted well in the earth-shattering stories or worlds that the bigger studios dream up. Instead, the movie tries to push a few political boundaries, which is a noble challenge, but got a little too extreme for this reviewer as the various movements we hear about get their own skin in this movie. It still fits well, but it just wasn't necessary and I would have liked to see the energy transferred into the creativity mode instead. Yet, the biggest area that I did not enjoy was how much the trailers ruined the film for me. Many parts have been not only revealed, but smeared in your face with the multiple airings. While still funny, I think there could have been a lot of surprise and kick to it had it not been so advertised. As such, if you and your kids have seen most of the trailers, you have seen much of the movie as there is not quite as much runtime as I had expected.


The movie is a decent follow up to a movie that was surprisingly deep and fun. It still has the same colorful energy, fun atmosphere and voice acting that just capitalizes on the silliness to be had. The story, while layered, still is simple for most to follow and the characters are utilized beautifully for all fans to enjoy and get the most out of the characters in this world. Yet, Angry Birds Universe is still a shell of some of the worlds built in the animation land, and struggles to break the creative barrier and expand upon its world. It's a little too simple in terms of movie overall, and thanks to the trailer ruining much, the film holds little in coming to the theater outside of seeing the predictable ending. Still, it's a fun adventure to behold this weekend with your little tykes and smile wide at their delight in the film. Otherwise, hold out for the home release my friends.

My scores are: Animation/Adventure/Comedy: 8.0 Movie Overall: 6.5 Watch The Angry Birds Movie 2 on 123movies4u in HD Quality Stream.

123movies4u Skin

Keeps you on the edge of your seat. Based on a true story. By far Jamie Bell's best work. Danielle Macdonald, Vera Fermiga, and Little Colbi Gannett all shined. Watch Skin on 123movies4u in HD Quality Stream.

123movies4u The Addams Family

An animated version of Charles Addams' series of cartoons about a peculiar, ghoulish family. Watch The Addams Family on 123movies4u in HD Quality Stream.

123movies4u Joker

Joker centers around an origin of the iconic arch nemesis and is an original, standalone story not seen before on the big screen. Todd Phillips' exploration of Arthur Fleck (Joaquin Phoenix), a man disregarded by society, is not only a gritty character study, but also a broader cautionary tale. Watch Joker on 123movies4u in HD Quality Stream.

123movies4u Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

The trailers really mislead this one. It appeared to be a dark and ominous horror film. Instead, it's a very mild mystery with some great visuals. No scares at all in this one. Somewhat interesting, but overall I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. Watch Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark on 123movies4u in HD Quality Stream.

123movies4u The Lion King

Ok....I have seen the movie and I agree with everyone else who gave it 1 star. It is nothing but a CGI,shot by shot remake. All Disney has done is basically re-released "The Lion King". They just waited for a new generation to make another 2 or 3 billion dollars. I don't see how anyone can say this brings back memories or it's nostalgic. I watched the original last night and I prefer it anytime over this copy-cat. Watch The Lion King on 123movies4u in HD Quality Stream.

123movies4u The Other Side of Heaven 2: Fire of Faith

If you saw the first movie The Other Side of Heaven, you will remember the sweet spirit of the storytelling and the heart of the beautiful Tongan people. This sequel is a heartwarming reunion with more inspiration and miracles. Bring tissues. I was a weepy mess.

The film is filled with lessons for us to learn, and not just for "Mormons." While the movie will have special meaning for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, everyone can enjoy it and be touched by it. As we're told in this movie, if you wait long enough, all stories have happy endings.

You can read my full movie review at MovieReviewMom (dot com) or on my YouTube channel. Here are a few of the highlights: Christopher Gorham is absolutely fantastic. He reminds me of Chris Evans as Captain America: his goodness. Director Mitch Davis chose Christopher because "he has a very gentle soul." He learned to speak Tongan very well in the first movie and his speech coach said his accent was perfect. Did you know that he is a trained auctioneer like his grandfather?

The funeral scene was touching and heartbreaking. Abigail, the goat, in a dress. Adorable. The moment that really got me to tear up was after the storm when Nancy yelled, "Hoorah for Israel!" From then on, I went through quite a few tissues. I loved hearing the Tongan people sing often in the movie.

When they were interviewing actors to play Thomas S. Monson, the moment they first saw Russell Dixon, they knew he was the right man for the job. After the real Thomas S. Monson watched the first The Other Side of Heaven movie in 2001, he immediately asked, "When are you going to make the second movie?" John Groberg said to director Mitch Davis, "I'm not getting any younger and neither are you, so it's time!"

I always love it when you get to see pictures and video of the real people of a true story in movies. You get to see a lot of that during the rolling credits, as well as a photo update of the principle "characters" in the movie. The film was made in Fiji because the tax rebate to film there was 47 percent. There is some humor, which is always appreciated. You don't need to have seen the first movie, but it certainly helps in order to appreciate the history and significance of some of the relationships. The music is noticeably good and sweeps with emotion. Some Christian movies are heavy-handed and even cheesy at times, but this one will fill your soul and make you feel. Watch The Other Side of Heaven 2: Fire of Faith on 123movies4u in HD Quality Stream.

123movies4u A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon

When an alien with amazing powers crash-lands near Mossy Bottom Farm, Shaun the Sheep goes on a mission to shepherd the intergalactic visitor home before a sinister organization can capture her. Watch A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon on 123movies4u in HD Quality Stream.

123movies4u It Chapter Two

Twenty-seven years after their first encounter with the terrifying Pennywise, the Losers Club have grown up and moved away, until a devastating phone call brings them back. Watch It Chapter Two on 123movies4u in HD Quality Stream.

123movies4u The Informer

An ex-convict working undercover intentionally gets himself incarcerated again in order to infiltrate the mob at a maximum security prison. Watch The Informer on 123movies4u in HD Quality Stream.

123movies4u Gemini Man

A retiring assassin, Henry Brogan, finds himself pursued by a mysterious killer that can predict his every move. Discovering that he's being hunted by a younger clone of himself, Henry needs to find out why he's being targeted and who the creator is. Watch Gemini Man on 123movies4u in HD Quality Stream.

123movies4u Stuber

Starts fine but after 4-5 minutes it gets really, really boring... and it stays like that until the end. I want my time back... Watch Stuber on 123movies4u in HD Quality Stream.

123movies4u Abominable

A magical Yeti must return to his family. Watch Abominable on 123movies4u in HD Quality Stream.

123movies4u In the Shadow of the Moon

In 1988, Philadelphia police officer Thomas Lockhart (Boyd Holbrook), hungry to become a detective, begins tracking a serial killer who mysteriously resurfaces every nine years. But when the killer's crimes begin to defy all scientific explanation, Locke's obsession with finding the truth threatens to destroy his career, his family, and possibly his sanity. Watch In the Shadow of the Moon on 123movies4u in HD Quality Stream.

123movies4u Judy

Legendary performer Judy Garland arrives in London in the winter of 1968 to perform a series of sold-out concerts. Watch Judy on 123movies4u in HD Quality Stream.

123movies4u Midsommar

I rarely write reviews here. But this movie was SO bad...

The opening sequence was very effective. But the next two hours were unbelievably awful, filled with empty cult drivel and scenes that had no connection. It was as if the director had some great ideas for visuals and thought he could put them all together, hoping it made sense. Well, it doesn't. One of the rare movies where I've wanted to yell at the screen, "This is so stupid!" Watch Midsommar on 123movies4u in HD Quality Stream.

123movies4u Crawl

A young woman, while attempting to save her father during a Category 5 hurricane, finds herself trapped in a flooding house and must fight for her life against alligators. Watch Crawl on 123movies4u in HD Quality Stream.

123movies4u Ad Astra

Astronaut Roy McBride (Brad Pitt) travels to the outer edges of the solar system to find his missing father and unravel a mystery that threatens the survival of our planet. His journey will uncover secrets that challenge the nature of human existence and our place in the cosmos. Watch Ad Astra on 123movies4u in HD Quality Stream.

123movies4u Annabelle Comes Home

I was disappointed with Annabelle Comes Home because they had an immense list of material to use and they didn't. There were too many ideas and they all clashed and the story didn't make sense at times. The "comedy" scenes felt awkward and forced, just like The Nun, and overall came across like it was supposed to be a teen suspense film rather than a horror film. It kept me at the edge off my seat a bit but never went beyond that. Annabelle Creation and the first Conjuring are still the best films out of this whole franchise. Watch Annabelle Comes Home on 123movies4u in HD Quality Stream.

123movies4u Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw

Lawman Luke Hobbs and outcast Deckard Shaw form an unlikely alliance when a cyber-genetically enhanced villain threatens the future of humanity. Watch Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw on 123movies4u in HD Quality Stream.

123movies4u Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home

Watts is buoyed by the politically and socially fit theme in the film that we have been whipped religiously nowadays. On that very note, Marvel has always stayed ahead of its game. Evidently, Kevin Feige reports that The Winter Soldier and Civil War had political themes that incidentally matched the circumstances. And the director Jon Watts, unlike the previous installment, speaks expressly on such heavy matters since this character is told to be the front page news in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, from now on. Carrying that heavy burden on the shoulders is not just this chapter but the lead Peter Parker played by Tom Holland where both the character and actor is going through the same phenomenon.

But saying that the script is trippy would be understating it. By now, we can all agree that this franchise has grown more that just movies. But even for the standards of a comic book story, this is one hefty meal to swallow. And to add more spice, the flips and turns are so bizarre that you are taken aback as a viewer questioning everything. Ergo, to lighten the mood, the Marvel knocks on its most controversial subject, i.e. humor.

This bland of good and bad and familiar and forced laughs never fits in on this trip, despite the fact that it follows a teenage love story. The film suffers only when it tries to be both. Light footed and moody when grounding the characters through small talks and supporting character and, escalating these verbal sparring into bigger aspects like mourning, fake news, responsibility and the most tedious aspect of a job; the routine. This transaction is not completely convincing. A laziness or maybe commercially restricted deadline can be pointed out at such moments.

The film is visually stunning. Fortunately, it is a part of narration. So sit back and enjoy the thrilling ride in big IMax screen. Speaking of action, the choreography isn't as spectacular as Marvel cannon usually brings out. But it isn't their fault. The storytelling doesn't seek for big antics. Hence, you can see them work hard on details like the way Holland hits on a wall and then falls up front after trying to run and match the momentum. These tiny notions aren't awe gasping but soothing to watch, thinking that the Universe is still in safe hands.

Holland is a good performer, there is no doubt about that, but a performer needs a good partner which he is in short here. Jake Gyllenhaal as Quentin Beck actually has quite a wide range that isn't even touched in here. His character has the caliber to carry the film on his shoulder, but the surface is barely scratched and as a result, Holland stands alone in the screen. Far From Home stays quite close to the Universe. That is its biggest win, derived equation looks upgraded and the funky hip and happening music in sync with the MCU's loud and crowd pleasing soundtrack. Watch Spider-Man: Far from Home on 123movies4u in HD Quality Stream.

123movies4u Rambo: Last Blood

Almost four decades after they drew first blood, Sylvester Stallone is back as one of the greatest action heroes of all time, John Rambo. Now, Rambo must confront his past and unearth his ruthless combat skills to exact revenge in a final mission. A deadly journey of vengeance, RAMBO: LAST BLOOD marks the last chapter of the legendary series. Watch Rambo: Last Blood on 123movies4u in HD Quality Stream.

123movies4u Child's Play

Right off the bat Mark Hamil as the voice of chucky would sound weird at first but then you hear it and it's not that bad! But seriously, GO SEE THIS MOVIE! Me and my friend loved the movie so much we were thinking of seeing it again and for once you might actually feel sympathy for the enemy such as chucky due to kinda sad parts with chucky. SPOILER SCENE: There is a scene where Andy takes chucky to a room where Andy and 2 other kids start to destroy him. But chucky doesn't know what is going on and is sad and says that they are hurting him and is always just trying to make Andy happy. SPOILER OVER. I highly recommend that you go and see this! Watch Child's Play on 123movies4u in HD Quality Stream.

123movies4u Monos

Teenage commandos perform military training exercises by day and indulge in youthful hedonism by night, an unconventional family bound together under a shadowy force know only as The Organization. After an ambush drives the squadron into the jungle, both the mission and the intricate bonds between the group begin to disintegrate. Watch Monos on 123movies4u in HD Quality Stream.

123movies4u Toy Story 4

What a perfect way to end the franchise, it has fantastic animation, likeable and funny characters (like Duke Caboom, and ducky and bunny) my only problem would be is you don't spend enough time with the old characters as much as the new ones. Watch Toy Story 4 on 123movies4u in HD Quality Stream.

123movies4u Hustlers

Inspired by the viral New York Magazine article, Hustlers follows a crew of savvy former strip club employees who band together to turn the tables on their Wall Street clients. Watch Hustlers on 123movies4u in HD Quality Stream.

123movies4u Downton Abbey

The continuing story of the Crawley family, wealthy owners of a large estate in the English countryside in the early 20th century. Watch Downton Abbey on 123movies4u in HD Quality Stream.

123movies4u Shaft

A slap in the face AND a bath of reality to this era political correctness i am so tired of.. Awesome movie..

Anyone who uses the phrase TOXIC MASCULINITY on the movie seriously, go home AND please on the way There get lost.. Watch Shaft on 123movies4u in HD Quality Stream.

123movies4u Yesterday

2019 Oak Cliff Film Festival Greetings again from the darkness. A world without music from The Beatles? It's hard to "imagine". It's not as simple as never having their classics played on the radio, as the number of musicians influenced by their work is roughly the size of the list of every musician who has ever written or sang a song over the past 60 years. Of course, that's a bit too much to tackle in a movie, so director Danny Boyle (Oscar winner for SLUMBDOG MILLIONAIRE) simplifies things by serving up a 12 second global power outage.

Jack Malik (Himesh Patel, "EastEnders") is the epitome of a struggling musician. He plays kids' parties and pubs where the only applause is from his small group of friends who enjoy busting his chops over his "summer" song. His lifelong friend Ellie (Lily James, BABY DRIVER, MAMMA MIA!, PRIDE AND PREJUDICE AND ZOMBIES) is also his manager and roadie ... his only true supporter. There is an unrequited attraction between the two, and since the script comes from Richard Curtis (LOVE ACTUALLY), we know where this is headed.

When the global power outage hits, Jack is on his bicycle and a collision with a bus puts him in the hospital. During recovery, he stumbles on to the fact that he is the only person who remembers music from John, Paul, George, and Ringo. Quickly capitalizing on the opportunity, Jack frantically tries to recall the lyrics to the songs, and in short time is replacing his playlist post-it notes with the familiar (to us) song titles, and blowing people away with "his" formidable songwriting and incredible music.

Fortune shines on Jack and his new songs, and soon Ed Sheeran (playing himself) is helping Jack's career, while at the same time being humbled by these songs. It's at this point where Kate McKinnon joins in as the money-grubbing talent agent who recognizes a gold mine when she hears it. Additional comedy is provided by Joel Fry as Rocky, Jack's new roadie; and a trip to Liverpool follows, as does a world tour and album recording session.

Danny Boyle is known best for his likeable, easy to digest films that are typically crowd-pleasers, but leave me wanting more depth and substance. This one fits right in. It's funny ("Hey Dude", Abbey Road is just a road) and has amazing music (of course). However, where Lily James plays her role perfectly, Himesh Patel - despite a fine singing voice - simply lacks the charisma and screen presence to carry the film. We rarely feel his inner turmoil in living this whopper of a lie, and the film never really clicks as a Rom-Com. In fact, the only thing we should be loving here is the Beatles music. The film plays a bit like Rod Serling decided to take "The Twilight Zone" into comedy. The real impact would be lost, but it would still likely draw a crowd. Watch Yesterday on 123movies4u in HD Quality Stream.

123movies4u The Current War

Starring Benedict Cumberbatch as Thomas Edison and Michael Shannon as George Westinghouse, THE CURRENT WAR is the epic story of the cutthroat competition between the greatest inventors of the industrial age over whose electrical system would power the new century. Backed by J.P. Morgan, Edison dazzles the world by lighting Manhattan. But Westinghouse, aided by Nikola Tesla, has seen fatal flaws in Edison's direct current design. Igniting a war of currents, Westinghouse and Tesla bet everything on risky and dangerous alternating current. Directed by Alfonso Gomez-Rejon (Me and Earl and the Dying Girl) and written by playwright Michael Mitnick (Sex Lives of our Parents), THE CURRENT WAR also stars Katherine Waterston, Nicholas Hoult, Tom Holland, Matthew Macfadyen, and Tuppence Middleton. Watch The Current War on 123movies4u in HD Quality Stream.

123movies4u Anna

About 20 minutes into it, I figured wait a second this is Nikita. The fight scenes were good. John Wick could learn something off this baby. But all in all just a remake.. This time set in Russia/Paris. To be honest, why bother? If you haven't seen the original movie. I guess it's okay. If you are into tall and starving women. Then this is your movie. Watch Anna on 123movies4u in HD Quality Stream.

123movies4u Paradise Hills

A mysterious boarding school perfectly reforms wayward girls to fit their surroundings' exact desires. Watch Paradise Hills on 123movies4u in HD Quality Stream.

123movies4u Blinded by the Light

The trailer looked promising, so well done to the marketing chaps there. However, such are the embarrassing levels of cheesiness throughout it really starts to grind on you. I too was one of those who saw this at a pre release screening, I was relatively excited for it. The acting is pretty hammy. I thought i recognised the main protagonists mate, and it was Tommen Baratheon of Game off Thrones fame- he must be one of the worst actors out there. Along too the main star had zero charisma. I found the scene when the whole market place erupted into spontaneous singing and dancing to be one most cringe worthy pieces of cinema I've seen since watching John Travolta ham it up in Gotti.

The ending is odd too, I was thinking throughout who was the main protagonist? And who did he grow up to be in later life, and he was just some bloke! It's like my idol growing up was, and still is, Harrison Ford- come and make a vanity project about me and how I used to dress up like Indiana Jones and quote him all the time! Given what's happening in the uk at the moment I feel as if people will warm to it more because of the issues of race, and the consequences of turning a blind eye to it. But that was used as a tool to tug on people's emotions, more than trying to address any issues with the national front in the 80s. Watch Blinded by the Light on 123movies4u in HD Quality Stream.

123movies4u Late Night

Katherine Newbury (Emma Thompson) is a pioneer and legendary host on the late-night talk-show circuit. When she's accused of being a "woman who hates women," she puts affirmative action on the to-do list, and --presto!--Molly (Mindy Kaling) is hired as the one woman in Katherine's all-male writers' room. But Molly might be too little too late, as the formidable Katherine also faces the reality of low ratings and a network that wants to replace her. Wanting to prove she's not merely a diversity hire who's disrupting the comfort of the brotherhood, Molly is determined to help Katherine revitalize her show and career--and possibly effect even bigger change at the same time. Watch Late Night on 123movies4u in HD Quality Stream.

123movies4u The Last Black Man in San Francisco

This was a fantastic film. So tenderly made, dripping with so much love and warmth, told so poetically and elegantly. On a technical level it's pretty great, but the story and characters at its core also really hooks you as the film goes along. To me the stand-out in the cast was the co-lead Jonathan Majors. What an incredible performance. I really hope the film is able to take off with award groups, but most of all for Majors' performance to be recognized (although I do wonder if award bodies will instead place him as supporting and whether people here will agree or disagree with that placement). Watch The Last Black Man in San Francisco on 123movies4u in HD Quality Stream.

123movies4u Killerman

Moe Diamond is a New York City money launderer who wakes up with no memory and millions of dollars in stolen cash and drugs. He must soon scour the streets in search of answers while trying to dodge a crew of violent and crooked cops. Watch Killerman on 123movies4u in HD Quality Stream.

123movies4u Ready or Not

READY OR NOT follows a young bride (Samara Weaving) as she joins her new husband's (Mark O'Brien) rich, eccentric family (Adam Brody, Henry Czerny, Andie MacDowell) in a time-honored tradition that turns into a lethal game with everyone fighting for their survival. Watch Ready or Not on 123movies4u in HD Quality Stream.

123movies4u Bennett's War

After surviving an IED explosion in combat overseas, a young soldier with the Army Motorcycle Unit is medically discharged with a broken back and leg. Against all odds he trains to make an impossible comeback as a motocross racer in order to support his family. Watch Bennett's War on 123movies4u in HD Quality Stream.

123movies4u The Dead Don't Die

Okay, going into Dead don't die (which is already out in Paris) after reading the mixed reviews from critics, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. But, hey, give me a Murray movie any day and I'll gladly watch it. I was quite pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this quiet, laid back movie - too laid back even for a zombie themed horror-comedy. Yet, totally in sync with Jarmusch's signature style casualness, this movie actually entertains you through and through. Zombies running amok in a small town, signalling impending zombie apocalypse - "yeah, heard that" you might say - but here's the deal, the casual style with which Jarmusch approaches this, with a movie that "doesn't take itself seriously" yet with an underlying "irony within it all" is what made this casual romp surprisingly entertaining for me. The ending may feel a bit pointless, yet I believe that's exactly the affect Jarmusch was going for with this movie. I went in as a Murray fan, came away as Driver fan! Among several, if there is one reason you should see this movie, is do it, just to experience and realise about Adam Driver's wide range of comedy chops. I mean I already knew this guy is the most versatile and talented actor on the planet today, having watched and enjoyed his outstanding performances in Logan Lucky, Starwars and the latest BlackkKlansman. Yet this movie cemented for me why Driver should also do more comedy movies. Most of us will remember his unforgettably hilarious SNL skit ''career day' as the oil baron Parnassus (which I believe deserves an Emmy of its own). Well, contrast that with the spot-on deadpan, laid back tone of his comedic display in this movie as the nerdy cop Ronnie Peterson and you will realise this guy has got leviathan range even in his comedy skills spanning beyond into another galaxy. His brilliant comedic delivery helps keep this movie ticking. Teaming Driver with Murray (known as the king of deadpan comedy) was a stroke of genius casting by Jarmusch. And with the ever-entertaining Tilda in the mix (Tilda is Tilda!) you have a fun matinee romp with this movie. To sum up my experience, I loved and enjoyed this movie immensely. I left the movie thinking about the Driver/Murray duo, as to who emerged the winner of the trophy for delivering the best deadpan comedy? For me Driver won out. I love Murray (as a longtime fan) but the way Driver injects nerdy absurdity in his brilliant laconic delivery nailed his performance, which for me is the highlight of this movie. This was followed by Tilda's charged delivery as a samurai wielding mortician. I can certainly say that Driver inherits the title as the new king of deadpan comedy. This movie is worth it, even just to watch the hulking form of Driver cramming into a convertible smart car, plus the way he says "ghouls" among a repertoire of other words and phrases, which sound cool and iconic just for the way he delivers them. "Ghouls" is the new "Cauliflower"! I loved this silly laid-back fun movie, which despite leaving you wondering what's the point of it all, so zombie apocalypse is here, the movie simply shrugs and says yeah. Yet, the relaxed tone belies a meta deep enough to subliminally stimulate you to ponder upon the underlying commentary on the state of our current society as unravelled through the nuggets laid out throughout the movie with an unmistakable comedic poignancy. I definitely recommend this movie as a "must see". A full ten stars from me! Watch The Dead Don't Die on 123movies4u in HD Quality Stream.

123movies4u Don't Let Go

After a man's family dies in what appears to be a murder, he gets a phone call from one of the dead, his niece. He's not sure if she's a ghost or if he's going mad, but as it turns out, he's not. Watch Don't Let Go on 123movies4u in HD Quality Stream.

123movies4u X-Men: Dark Phoenix

This movie was a disaster. Starting from the main character, Jean. The acting was sooo bland, colorless and amateur-like. I don't understand how she got such a big role. It also seemed like everyone in the movie was aware of her limited acting skills, so they barely gave her any lines and she was sleeping/passed out for quite some time in the movie.Just watch the movie and her acting basically screams "CLUELESS".

Then, like with any recent movies, they felt the need to include gender politics. Why? Why is there a need for a line that says "We should be called X-Women"? Was that ever part of the comics? I didn't read them, but I HIGHLY doubt it. This is just so pathetic and forced. Political agendas should not be forced into movies.

If it wasn't for James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender, I would've left the cinema very early.

All in all, this movie was a joke. I will make sure to exclude it whenever I go for a X-Men marathon in the future. Watch X-Men: Dark Phoenix on 123movies4u in HD Quality Stream.

123movies4u Booksmart

This was such a boring comedy. Pretty sure everybody came to watch this film thinking it was going to be a female version of Super Bad but no.. 5 stars and that's being generous. Watch Booksmart on 123movies4u in HD Quality Stream.

123movies4u Angel Has Fallen

What garbage. There was about 20min left and I just walked out. Felt like some terrible 2010 action movie with lame setpieces and odd and shaky camera work. The plot was incredibly unoriginal and uninspired. Yet again another film about the president. The film was predictable and I just didn't care for it all. I kept dozing off multiple times and I just called it quits and left. So boring, so lame, so uninspired Watch Angel Has Fallen on 123movies4u in HD Quality Stream.

123movies4u 47 Meters Down: Uncaged

I'll start by admitting i'm a big shark movie fan, so I went in with high expectations. But that also means i'm Hard to please... I really enjoyed the first movie but I instantly knew this wasn't going to be a simple rehash, Roberts (writer/director) is FAR smarter than that... The characters were fun and realistic, the stakes were higher and just so painfully claustrophobic and the twist on typical sharks is brilliantly original. There is some incredible set pieces (that come thick and fast, the pacing is perfect) but the stand out scene for me is the 'ladder' scene... I'll say no more because if you haven't seen this, treat yourself and go have some of the best fun tou'll have in the theatre this summer! Watch 47 Meters Down: Uncaged on 123movies4u in HD Quality Stream.

123movies4u Good Boys

Three sixth grade boys ditch school and embark on an epic journey while carrying accidentally stolen drugs, being hunted by teenage girls, and trying to make their way home in time for a long-awaited party. Watch Good Boys on 123movies4u in HD Quality Stream.

123movies4u The Secret Life of Pets 2

Amazing adventure with our favorite pet families! Really enjoyed the story line as well as the new pets introduced to the story. - Dad

I love the movie!!! It's soo funny and cute watching all these pets solving their problems together as an animal lover!-Sean's son Watch The Secret Life of Pets 2 on 123movies4u in HD Quality Stream.

123movies4u Rocketman

He was AMAZING in the spirit of an fabulous Elton John biopic musical.... and Jamie Bell was awesome.. as usual! Watch Rocketman on 123movies4u in HD Quality Stream.